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Aaric S. Eisenstein, Managing Member

I founded ASE Monetization to help companies find the value in their illiquid intellectual property.  So many companies go through the long and arduous process of obtaining patents, but they don't have a clear strategy for using those assets to generate cash.  As a business person - as distinguished from an attorney or engineer - I'm focused entirely on how these illiquid, often overlooked, assets can generate cash and shareholder value.

The intersection of IP and finance is evolving at a blistering pace.  New innovations in investment capital, insurance, and the legal environment create opportunities.  But you need someone who knows how the pieces fit together and has the relationships to build the necessary teams.  That's how I help.

I spent over a decade honing these skills at Personalized Media Communications, one of the country's most successful inventor-owned IP companies.  My contributions have been recognized by IAM Magazine as part of their 300 World's Leading IP Strategists.  I chair the IP Licensing Committee for the Licensing Executives Society.  I've written numerous articles and given conference presentations, particularly focused on IP finance and licensing.

Learn How ASE Can Help

If you want to learn more about asset value you might not even know you have, get in touch today.


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