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ASE Monetization LLC

Helping IP owners access the value in their illiquid assets


Patent Acquisition

We buy patents for our own account.  We’re open to a wide variety of tech areas, and we’re highly focused on minimizing deal friction and time-to-close.

  • We’re happy to use your NDA, purchase agreements, etc.

  • Capital is committed and ready for deployment.

  • Deal structures can be very flexible.  We’re entirely open to cash + backend participation, “whitelists,” and other business necessities.


Financial Engineering

Patents are no longer solely the province of engineers and lawyers.  There is an explosion of new financial models and products in the market.  We help clients minimize risk, find financing for latent opportunities, and dramatically reduce time-to-cash.  Our relationships and market expertise drive higher Net Present Value.

  • We help litigants and litigation funders to secure insurance products from pre-funding to post-judgment.

  • We navigate the entire lifecycle of litigation funding, from selecting appropriate funders to managing relationships during litigation.

  • We guide early-stage, high-growth companies on how they can use their IP to secure non-dilutive capital. 


Portfolio Management

Sometimes companies need an additional pair of hands.  We partner to provide expanded capacity for a project or to complement in-house expertise.   Law firms handling prosecution and/or litigation work with us to oversee licensing activity.  We're hired by business owners who want to create a new revenue stream from outsourced monetization.

Learn How ASE Can Help

If you want to learn more about asset value you might not even know you have, get in touch today.


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